Since my last post I have had a few auditions, which have all been a great experience. I have also been booked for a Voice-Over gig and go into the recording studio tomorrow! I have just received this awesome poster (below) for my next show ‘Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii’, which opens in a few weeks. Be sure to check it out if you can!

NJ poster


Welcome to my new blog! I decided to write about and share my experiences, and journey as an actor, for my friends and family, and as a reflection for myself.

A lot has happened in my pursuit of an acting career up until now. Every part that I have been cast in has been memorable, challenging, enjoyable and necessary in helping me leap to the next opportunity.

Last year alone was a whirlwind. I developed new skills for my roles in: The Sunshine Boys (as the sexy Vaudeville Nurse), The Crucible (as historic Susanna Walcott), Leading Ladies (as the hilarious and adorable Audrey), as Sherri and Lucy in Dare to Dream (the comedy show) and in Aladdin (as lovable Jasmine). I also got introduced to the world of voiceover and webisodes.

With this new year still just beginning, I am already preparing for my new role in Nurse Jane Goes To Hawaii (as the bright, beautiful and brash Peggy Scant).

Below are some photos from last years shows!


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crucible pic

The Crucible

Sunshine Boys

The Sunshine Boys

skates and butch

Leading Ladies




Dare to Dream


Dare to Dream

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