Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland, was such a memorable experience! It’s a gorgeous place to visit, rich in history, food and activities. If you ever plan on visiting Krakow here are a few essential places to visit: St. Marys Basilica (which has a picturesque view of the town square from the top of the tower), Auschwitz, The Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wawel Cathedral (and don’t forget to check out the Dragons den underneath the castle grounds), Kościuszko Mound (for a panoramic view of the city), and old town square (where you can purchase as many souvenirs as possible at the old cloth hall).

One tip I have is to check out “Cracow Free Tours”. They offer tours daily (we signed up for 3 of them while visiting), and are very informative. The tours are led by locals whom really know the area and have personal insights that add an extra touch to your tour. Without these tours we would have missed out on so many unique pieces of history that Krakow has to offer. Check them out here:

While in Krakow be sure to satisfy your taste buds with all the pierogies, sausage and pretzels that your heart desires. Then take a stroll through the Kazimierz district to snack on a traditional Zapiekanka (an open faced sandwich on half a baguette, topped with sauce, cheese and more), a trend that dates back to the 70’s and was mentioned by our tour lovely guide. Or stop at Alchemia Od Kuchni, one of the oldest and cutest pubs on the block that has a Narnia themed décor, including a wardrobe to walk through. Lastly, have a drink outside of the childhood home of Helena Rubinstein and be inspired by her life story. A cosmetics entrepreneur once deemed one of the world’s richest business women.

Souvenirs to purchase include dragon décor, a flower crown and pottery! Did I miss anything? Any suggestions on where I should travel next? Let me know in the comments!


Nymph Errant

I just spent last week back in the theatre, and it felt great! Though I wasn’t on stage this time, but happily helping out backstage with hair, makeup, etc. Regardless it was fun to be working with such a great cast and crew in a Dutch theatre. The show was ‘Nymph Errant’. It’s the light-hearted story of Evangeline Edwards, who graduates from a finishing school in 1933. She and her classmates are encouraged by their teacher, Miss Pratt, to “experiment”, in the broadest sense possible. What follows is a romp through Europe with plenty of opportunities for snappy Cole Porter musical numbers, interesting dialogue, lots of accents, wonderful costumes, a few dance steps, exotic locations and a good time for all.


Now that it’s all wrapped up, I’m prepping for my next Dutch audition, so fingers crossed and stay tuned!


Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada Day from Amsterdam! Although enjoying the beautiful landscape that Europe has to offer, I still miss the beautiful country that I am from. Unfortunately, I can’t be in Ottawa to join in the festivities of celebrating Canada’s 150th; however I can still find the patriotic love here in The Netherlands. Fortunately some fellow Canadian expats planned a boat party! It was so much fun and so nice to be surrounded by fellow Canadians all dressed in red and flying our flag. So eat your poutine, ketchup chips and Nanaimo bars, and raise a cold glass of Molson Canadian, or your mug of Tim’s coffee, and cheers to the Birthday of our magnificent country!



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