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Melissa Verwey; The Red Haired Actress With Two Colours In One Eye

At a young age, it was clear that Melissa excelled at two things; eating paste and performing. Forced to choose between her two passions, she chose to pursue a life of performance and never looked back. Melissa has fond memories of writing, producing, starring, and forcing her one-woman shows on her family during the holidays, PA days and even snow days. In high school, Melissa got a taste of performing for audiences that contained more than just her family- and loved it! Her roles in ’42nd Street’ and ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brother’s’ fueled her on. She continued her studies at George Brown College in the Performance Arts Careers program as well as Conestoga College where she specialized in Broadcast Television. Upon graduation, she dove back in to training at The Second City (completing levels A to E & Clowning), Bad Dog Theatre, Sears & Switzer (specializing in Scene Studies, Commercials and Voice Over), with Ron Leach (Audition Dynamics) and with Gloria Mann (Audition & Scene Study Workshop). Melissa has enjoyed many roles in plays, musicals, commercials, children’s shows, indie films, web series, voiceover, Fringe festivals, and sketch comedies. Melissa has over a decade of experience performing in Toronto, Canada, and has just recently returned from living and performing in Amsterdam for 2 years. She also just started her own YouTube channel called Mellie Telly. People have been rolling their eyes at Melissa’s earnest belief that if you can dream something; you can do it, for as long as she can remember, but she still continues to live her career by it.

This website is to provide you with everything you need to know about her thespian career, along with a blog for further insight into her travel excursions, performing adventures, lifestyle and love of food! Enjoy!

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