“Melissa Verwey, as Lydia Lansing, was darling and hilarious. She definitely encapsulated “the vamp” archetype of the character and all of the aspects that go along with it.”
-Mooney On Theatre (‘Shakespeare in Hollywood’ Review)

“Melissa is a professional. First and foremost, she is committed to the craft but she also dedicates herself to learning about the industry and how to build the career she wants as an artist in show business. Her passion & patience leaves me no doubt that Melissa will lead a long and fulfilling life in the entertainment industry.”
Randy Thomas (

“Melissa Verwey is not only talented, unique, quirky, driven and a delightful person, but she is definitely someone to watch out for!”
David Holiff (Former Personal Manager & Promoter for Jim Carrey)


“Melissa Verwey is a sparkling, talented, dynamic performer. She is a real joy to watch in every scene!”
Theresa Sears & David Switzer (Toronto Acting Studio)

“As an ensemble, this cast is nicely matched. It makes for easy watching. Melissa Verwey plays Anita, the prophetic dim wit with perfection: a strange combination of both shallow and deep characterization. Her comic timing is perfect.”
The View Hamilton (Review By Tamara Kamermans, ‘Jenny’s House Of Joy’)

“Ms. Verwey’s character gets the ball rolling at the top of the show starting the storyline down it’s path to witchcraft. Her youthful qualities add to the scenes with the young girls demonstrating ignorance, fear and survival at any cost.”
-(‘The Crucible’ Review)

Expats of Amsterdam; Featuring Melissa Verwey

Inside Halton; Melissa Verwey

Verge Magazine; An Actress Abroad By Melissa Verwey

Master Travellr; Welcome Melissa Verwey, and Q&A

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