Things I Didn’t Know About Motherhood

A lot has changed since I last sat down to write a blog post. If you are new to my website, typically my focus is exclusively on travel, acting, or some other wild adventure that I can’t wait to share with you.

In honor of Mother’s Day, today’s entry is on a whole new adventure. One that I didn’t know I needed. One that I didn’t (and still don’t) know a whole lot about…

Early motherhood. 

Below is a share of some things I didn’t know.

I didn’t know I could love like this

A tiny human, a stranger who occupied space in my body for 41 weeks, melted my heart from day 1. Minute 1. It was instant love. I immediately wanted to hug her, kiss her, hold her, console her, and protect her. Due to my C-section, I’d have to wait before doing any skin-to-skin, so instead, I cried. Tears of joy, of love, tears that I didn’t even know I was holding in.

I didn’t know I could be so proud of a scar

Having a C-section was not a part of my birthing plan. But since it was the best and safest option, it became the only option. Every time I see it, touch it, or reference it, I’m flooded with all the memories of her birthday, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I didn’t know how hard it would be

To all the Moms in my life… family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, heck, even the women I walked by in the parking lot with two toddlers in tow… I applaud you. The long nights of inconsolable crying. The juggling act of attempting to be productive, with time-consuming feeding sessions, and squeezing in spontaneous naps. The struggles and worries of not knowing if I’m doing it right or getting it all wrong. The overwhelming moments where the smallest challenge can feel like a strenuous climb to the top of Everest. I now see it and I’m sorry I didn’t offer more support when you were at this point.

I didn’t know I was so emotional

I look at her and a rush of emotion passes through me. An abundance of all-consuming love. Her tiny fingers clasp my old tired dry hand and it takes all my strength not to fall apart. To anyone who knows me, It’s no secret that I was emotional before (I can’t even start certain movies or TV shows without the waterworks springing out in the first few minutes, looking at you ‘PS I love you’, ‘This is us’, and ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’) but now just opening a container of yogurt and my eyes can turn into faucets. 

I didn’t know how much of a superhero my husband is

The unplanned C-section put a bit of a damper on my recovery plan. Being restricted in the hospital and then even more so at home for the next few weeks was not ideal. Luckily I’m blessed to have such a helpful husband. I always thought my husband would make a great father, but now I see it. I see how he has naturally evolved into an all-star Dad. How he carefully cradles our newborn daughter, gracefully rocks her to sleep, easily and effortlessly feeds her, plays with her, and willingly changes diapers (no matter what their content – and there is some nasty content) while talking to her and admiring her adorable smile. I’m surprised each day by a new level of cuteness and could not be more proud.

I didn’t know that my priorities would change

Before my daughter, I was a bit of a neat freak. I literally could not sit still. I could not rest if the sink had dirty dishes in it or if the dryer had a load ready for folding. Now I’m learning that in the big scheme of things, chores are not the most important. The cuddles and precious moments with our baby outweigh the neverending list of things to do. Don’t get me wrong, we are still running the dishwasher and taking out the trash (it does have dirty diapers in it after all). But now I don’t mind if the laundry sits there for just a little while longer while I’m enjoying a cuddle session. It will always be there and will always need to be done, but my baby will grow up and one day leaves the nest. Time will pass sooner than I want it to. So every second counts and cuddling is precious. 

Lastly, I didn’t understand what my Mom went through… until now

My Mom is one tough badass with the softest and most gentle heart. She has faced her fair share of challenges, overcomes numerous obstacles, and all leading her to the beautiful woman she is today. Now more than ever I am so grateful for her love and care. It’s not easy raising a baby, and I certainly didn’t make things easier on her. I have regrets. I’ve made mistakes. I now know, and am so full of love for all the sacrifices she’s made.

I didn’t know the joy I’d have simply becoming a Mother and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in our lives. Thank you, Xo


A New Chapter

It has been a few months since I’ve been active on this blog. If you follow me on socials then you already know the exciting news, that I am expecting! I am very far along now and ready to pop at any moment!

Just weeks away from the due date!

If you want to follow along on our parenting journey, be sure to subscribe to Mellie Telly YouTube! There we revealed the sex of our baby:

And had a fun little competition to test out our new parenting skills:

Will keep you updated on her arrival very soon!


I’ve Been Cast

It has been a while since my last post! Living in Ontario, we have been under a tight lockdown, which doesn’t leave much opportunity for new adventures to share with you. Luckily I am now fully vaccinated (yay)! Fingers crossed that travelling and live theatre will soon be back on the table! Until theatre doors open and seats can be filled again, we still have virtual theatre…

I am beyond excited to announce that I am cast in Theatre Bacchus‘s virtual production of Jane Austen’s ‘The Watsons’ adapted by Kathryn Attwood! This radio show is running on the weekends of August 6 and 13. 

A bit about the show…
Emma Watson, raised in luxury by a wealthy aunt and destined to be an heiress, is forced to return, penniless, to her impoverished birth family. And what a family! You’ll meet chauvinistic brother Robert and his appalling social-climbing wife, Jane; garrulous spinster Elizabeth and man-mad Margaret. Not to mention their curmudgeonly pseudo-invalid father and eccentric family retainer, Nanny! With no option but to join her hilariously unsuccessful sisters in their hunt for husbands, Emma soon comes to the attention of charming local playboy Tom Musgrave, his suspiciously shy friend Lord Osborne, along with Lord Osborne’s former tutor-turned-clergyman, Mr Howard. But the path of true love runs anything but smooth and it is a local scandal that finally paves the way for Emma’s – and her family’s – future happiness.

This show has been described as a ‘sparkling adaptation’ of Austen’s work, critics praised this ‘sharp and witty’ script and its ‘beautifully differentiated characters’!

Tickets for this Canadian Premiere are only $10 per household and include a pre-show podcast about Jane Austen with a beautiful musical performance! Grab your tickets now at! Ticket holders can expect to receive a link at showtime (7:30 pm ET), and will only have access to that performance for the following 48 hours!



What a start to the year it has been, I am so ready for the weekend! I hope you are all staying safe and warm, I heard we can expect Spring-like weather soon. Yes!

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December Reminders

Wow, I cannot believe this year is almost over (and good riddance!).

Before we wrap it up and head on to 2021 (which I’m hoping will be a much better year for everyone), I just wanted to remind you that my next show opens on Friday, December 18th. You can enjoy ‘A Christmas Carol’ from the comfort of your own home, in front of your decorated tree or cozied up by the fireplace, as it’s done in the style of a radio play! Get your tickets HERE!

A Christmas Carol

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Though Christmas will be a bit different this year, I wish you all the very best. Stay safe. Stay home. See you in the next year.


I Opened a Vintage Shop!

I have just started an online Vintage Shop! Find Mellie Trendy Vintage on Instagram, or shop via Etsy or Depop!

Now open!

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, with a lot of crazy things happening all around the world, this is likely the WORST timing ever! So why did I do it?

I am OBSESSED with vintage.

I’ve collected so many unique gems, retro inspirations, and rare finds over the years by savaging through flea markets & thrift shops, hunting for garage sales, and strolling through antique shops all around the world.

Now I want to share them with you! 

Vintage Hat for Sale

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Earrings for Sale

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Purple Vintage Hat for Sale


Join me on Mellie Telly

It has been crazy these last few months. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this pandemic!

I admit that I’ve been slacking here, and blogging less then my usual. Instead of writing I’ve been adding a ton of new videos to my YouTube channel (Mellie Telly) on a weekly basis!

Previously my videos were more travel focused. With the lack of travel these days I have been finding fun activities to film at home (from cocktail recipes, to shaving my husbands beard, trying poop coffee, you name it), and sharing every moment with you. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay in the know of my latest releases.


Airport Security; 5 tips to make it more enjoyable!

I LOVE to travel, that’s pretty obvious. My least favourite part of traveling? Airport security! I’m impatient, and get hangry quite often (of course my hunger normally kicks in just as I arrive at the gate), and do not enjoy long line ups in sweaty crowds. Airport security doesn’t have to suck or ruin your trip, so here are my top 5 tips and tricks to make it less horrific!
Travel Tip Tuesday

I can’t believe that travelers have still not received the memo that all liquids need to be 100 ml or smaller. Want to travel with your favourite shampoo that comes in a large container? Put some in a smaller container; I find the small containers from Goodfood (yup, the meal kits) are the perfect travel size and I can recycle them before our return trip to get more space in my bag for souvenirs. I would also recommend to label these smaller containers, as not to cause any suspicions, and to help keep track. And last, keep it all in a sealed, completely see-through, airport approved bag (I’ve only had issues with mine once, and I’m pretty sure it was so early that everyone was just lacking caffeine in their system).

Dress to Impress

Common sense says that if you don’t want to strip down, remove belts, etc, then just don’t wear them. You can still look great in a simpler style. Wear shoes that can slide off quickly and easily, minimal jewelry (if any), and keep your pockets empty! My husband wears the same belt on every trip, airport safe, it never beeps when going through the metal detector, and he is rarely asked to remove it. However, it all comes down to the airport staff and their discretion. Another trick if you are wearing a coat is to put everything from your pant pockets into your coat pockets that have zippers. The items won’t fall out into the bin and it will allow you to pick up your bag without having to stuff items back into your pant pockets at the crowded screening area – do this on your walk to the gate or at the gate itself once you have relaxed.

At an airportFollow the rules

The last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself when you just want to start your vaycay. Follow the lines (keeping in mind that the shortest one, is not always the fastest option). Families will often take longer than individual travelers, Sorry y’all, it’s a fact.

Pack accordingly

It’s no secret that you’ll need to remove liquids and laptops and show your paperwork. So why pack them at the bottom of your bag? I see this mistake every time without fail. Be prepared and pack them in an accessible location for quick removal. If you have other items that always get you pulled aside, then be proactive. I have a little bag where I keep my jewelry and change. It gets checked on practically all flights, so I leave it aside for easy inspection. Save us all the hassle. And if you are forgetful like my husband sometimes, do a quick eye scan of your bag before you leave your house. We once got pulled aside since he left a steak knife at the bottom of his bag (the same bag he brought to work daily, which held his lunch, and cutlery…)

Pack light
More bees with Honey

At the end of the day you are at the mercy of the airport staff. They are working, probably for hours on end, dealing with frustrated passengers all day long. So send some friendly niceties their way. Give them a smile, tell a joke, be nice and that may get you further ahead in the long run. MAY. No promises.

Just love this photo

Either way, embrace the long lines, be patient, don’t overdress if your body temperature rises quickly, make sure you are caffeinated, and always go to the bathroom before joining the line and enjoy your trip!

I hope these tips help! Let me know in the comments below if you have any to add!


Airplane Etiquette

Happy Travel Tip Tuesday! This month I want to touch base on basic airplane etiquette, drawing inspiration from the past week where I endured 4 flights, each with their own mix of excitement and frustration. When flying to and from your next bucket list location, remember that you are still in a public place – not your living room.
Travel Tip Tuesday - Flights
My most recent experience was the passenger in the middle row across from myself (it was a wide body plane) spread out over all the seats, shoes off, SOCKS off, and resting her bare feet on the pull-down tray. Gross! I’m never eating any crumbs off trays again. I know you want to relax and get some shut-eye on long flights, please spare us the sight of your feet! Airplanes are not as clean as you think. Carpets get spot cleaned, the windows are not regularly washed, and attendants only have 5 minutes to walk through and tidy the plane before the next batch of travelers load in, so really, do you want to walk around in bare feet collecting those germs and bringing them with you? There are better souvenirs in the airport gift shop.
Sleeping on flights
Make it a smoother ride for everyone by maintaining your personal space, and respecting those around you, especially if you like the same treatment back. Most people prefer the aisle or window, but quite often the only seat left is the middle. Let the middle seat passenger use both armrests (they are stuck in the middle, with no window to lean on, or aisle to escape down. It’s the right thing to do), keep your legs in front of you, and respect the bag rules for safety reasons.

Last week my middle seat neighbor brought two bags with him; his so-called personal bag and a carry-on. The carry on tightly went in the overhead storage bin, no issues there. It was this so-called personal item that was so large, it could not fit under the seat in front of him, barricading myself, the window passenger, in my seat for the entire flight. When the flight attendant came by for pre-takeoff checks, he carefully angled his body and what appears to be Harry Potter’s cape to cover his enormous bag so the flight attendants did not notice. When disembarking the plane, he couldn’t get his bag out, as it got stuck, delaying many passengers from leaving the aircraft. Don’t be this person. If your bag is too big to fit, pay to get it checked or pack better for next time, do not inconvenience others just because you can’t pack accordingly.
Bags on flights
Disembarking – We all want to get off the plane. It’s hot, smelly, and we are excited to start our next adventure or return home. Don’t rush ahead (if you must to catch that connecting flight, do so kindly, you really do catch more bees with honey). But don’t push, shove and cut in line, just don’t.

Other things to consider when traveling, it’s kind to help those around you that are having a hard time with their bag. If a family asks you to swap a seat – consider it, one day that could be you asking to sit next to your sweetie pie (some low budget airlines *cough* Viva Air Peru *cough* world’s worst airline *cough* purposely don’t seat you together, so that you’ll pay extra fees to move. Instead, we sat 24 rows apart.).
Who doesn’t love free wine? But does that mean you should get drunk? NO. You are not at the bar. A rule of thumb is that 1 drink on a plane is equivalent to 2 drinks on the ground. Respect those around you and keep your drinking to a minimum. We don’t need to hear you shouting, or crying, while we are trying to eat our hospital food sized dinners. Don’t be that person. They also say to avoid coffee, tea, and sodas, but meh, go for it if you like, just be sure to stay hydrated. My drink of choice is a tomato juice, a special treat when among the clouds.
Mexico Flight
So there you have it, some of my tips to make the flight enjoyable for yourself, and others. Do you have any tips to add? Let me know in the comments below!


Things I wish I knew about Travel

Thank you for joining me for another monthly edition of ‘Travel Tip Tuesday’! For those that are reading this for the first time, I regularly post tips based on my personal travel experiences once a month! For the month of August we have decided not to travel anywhere but instead to enjoy the beautiful summer in Toronto, especially since the long sunny days and warm nights are limited in Ontario!

Let’s get to the good stuff. Today’s topic of discussion is a list of things I wish I knew about travelling before I got hooked on the travel bug!

Enjoying the summer in Ontario
With the rise of social media, travel blogging, and remote work, more and more historical places are becoming overcrowded with tourists and the infrastructures can not sustain the number of people. Example, every year Amsterdam holds a canal Pride parade. This past year, sections of the canal were blocked off to prevent so much foot traffic. Another Dutch fact: cities around the Netherlands sink at an average of 3 millimeters a year, and lately some cities, like Gouda, are sinking at an accelerated rate of 10 mm a year!
Gouda, The Netherlands
Which leads me to my next point, try to visit places now that will be difficult or even impossible to see in the future. With travel becoming more affordable, tourists are visiting popular sites well beyond it’s designed capacity (some ancient places have double the amount of visitors than what UNESCO has recommended), leading to damage, or over crowding. Venice (Italy), Santorini (Greece), Taj Mahal (India), Barcelona (Spain), Dubrovnik (Croatia) are just some of the cities that are now monitoring the entrance of crowds, restricting cruise ships, levying tourist taxes, or even have protesters in the streets picketing against extra visitors!
Santorini, Greece
There is such thing as an off Season. Yes, there will be cheaper prices and fewer tourists, however there is less opportunity to enter and enjoy some of the popular sites. Museums may be closed, undergoing renovations, or have off-season hours that you are not aware of. We experienced this downside while spending Christmas in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, read more here.
Empty streets in Spain at Christmas
There is a reason why nobody else has ventured to that particular destination you desire, during that time of year. More often then not it is due to the weather! Check out the temperature before you book your flight, it could be the opposite season of what you are expecting. There could be hurricanes, extreme heat warnings, or worst yet, SNOW. Ideally, travel in temperatures that you are most comfortable with. We LOVE the sun, so we know we are not going to enjoy a trip as much if we are landing smack dab in the middle of their winter. Read more about our trip to Copenhagen, Denmark in the winter months here.
Cold in Copenhagen
Unfortunately, political and civil unrest occurs throughout the world. Stay up to date on worldly conflicts, protests, travel warnings and restrictions as they will no doubt lead to a miserable experience if you end up travelling somewhere that is unsafe.

Do you consider any of these before booking your next adventure? Did I miss anything? What else do you wish you knew before booking your latest getaway? Let me know in the comments below!


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