Cheese, Stroopwafels & History, oh my!

Just spent a very active weekend exploring more of The Netherlands. First stop Gouda, South Holland! It also happened to be the Stroopwafel Festival, as Gouda is where they originated. Yummm! So of course this required sampling some freshly made delicious warm ones. Gouda is also known for the cheese market, so of course I had to indulge in tasting the many flavours of cheese that it has to offer. Apart from  all the sampling, and the rainy weather, it was a delightful trip. Gouda is charming and filled with lots of history, museums, a market filled with treats and some very old stunning buildings.

Next stop, The Hague! This city will require another visit back, as it is the third largest city and cannot possibly all be seen in one day. The weather held up more so than Gouda, which made walking around more enjoyable. My favourite parts of the day were the Panorama Mesdag and the visit to the beach. However not to be missed are The Prison Gate Museum, Madurodam (the coolest interactive miniature park I’ve ever seen), The Peace Palace, The Knights Hall, the antique market and more!

Stay tuned for further travel and acting adventures in Europe! Let me know any places that you suggest I visit!


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