Check out the latest articles that I have written for other online publications below!

Master Travellr; Things to do in Peru, that are not Machu Picchu!

Master Travellr; You don’t need airline status to access this airport lounge!

Master Travellr; Is Cancun worth the visit?

Master Travellr; 10 places to stop in Niagara-on-the-lake

Master Travellr; Welcome Melissa Verwey, and Q&A

Master Travellr; 5 Things to Do on your road trip, through Allegheny

Master Travellr; Tips for exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains

Master Travellr; Must-see stops to make in Virginia

Verge Magazine; Exiting Expat Life

Verge Magazine; Wedding Planning Abroad

GearGreed Digital Men’s Magazine; 8 Adventures for Adrenaline Junkies in South Africa

GearGreed Digital Men’s Magazine; Eat Your Way Through Amsterdam

GearGreed Digital Men’s Magazine; The Best Places to Eat in Toronto

GearGreed Digital Men’s Magazine; The 5 Best Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Verge Magazine; Cobblestones? Say goodbye to your heels!

Verge Magazine; Happy Canada Day From Amsterdam

Verge Magazine; An Actress Abroad

Verge Magazine; Expat Living: Building Friendships

Verge Magazine;
Starting from Scratch as an Actress in Amsterdam

Chatelaine Magazine; Canadian Women Pay Tribute to Mom

Amsterdam Tourist Guide; Cherry Blossom Festival

Amsterdam Tourist Guide; Top 10 Free Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tourist Guide; Allegro: The Dutch Premiere

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