My First Amsterdam Play

It’s official! You will soon see me on an Amsterdam stage! I have been cast in the InPlayers production of ‘One Table, Two Chairs’, coming this November. More details to follow, but be sure to check out their website: Also a note, the play is in English!

One Table, Two Chairs is about the glimpses into relationships we happen to catch: the fragile beginnings, the tumultuous middles, the bittersweet endings. Inspired by A.R. Gurney’s The Dining Room and Jules Feiffer’s Hold Me, the play consists of short scenes and monologues which take place at a table with two chairs. The setting may be simple, but the problems we see there are complex: sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes tragic.” By Jacquelyn Poplar and Robert Leeds.

In travel news, we just got back from PARIS! I will be posting all about our adventures shortly so stay tuned! A little teaser… J’aime Paris!!!



That London Feeling

I just recently spent a few days in Maidenhead and London, UK. This was a very quick visit, but still quite pleasant. London is filled with so many beautiful sites to see, that it was very difficult to fit everything into such a short amount of time.

20170805_172025 (1).jpg

We did take a bus tour, for the first time, hoping this would offer the chance to view more of the city in the limited time we had. However traffic was not cooperative, due to closures from the marathon, so this took longer than anticipated. I felt like I was back in Toronto rush hour traffic again! I also noticed that the prices of tourist attractions seemed a bit higher then what I have seen throughout my travels thus far. The important lesson from this spontaneous trip is that planning, or purchasing tickets ahead of time, is definitely key. The most ideal way to travel is to have a firm idea of what attractions you would like to see, and to do your research ahead of time.

20170805_200729 (2).jpg

That aside, London is gorgeous. It is a big city with a fine balance between old and new. The major sites are impressive and majestic. The double decker’s were exciting, the food was served in large portions, and the citizens were very helpful. You can feel the love of art and appreciation of Shakespeare throughout the city, which is something that any actress would enjoy. There are also some free attractions for tourists including the Science Center, the Natural Museum of History and the Victoria and Albert Museum.


My personal favourite and most memorable moment cost nothing at all. Walking along the Thames River from the London Eye (Ferris wheel) to the Tower Bridge at sunset, on a Saturday night, is such a treat. It had all the sweets you could eat, drink options, tacos, the sounds of the nearby waves from the Thames, festive music, a live theatre rehearsal, artists sketching their lovers and the captivating orange sky.


Any suggestions on where to go next in Europe? What to eat? What to see? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the next adventure!


It’s A New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this New Year is filled with many new opportunities and adventures!


I just got back from the lovely Cuba and am ready to hit the ground running! Cuba was so inspiring, filled with beautiful bright colours, incredible beaches and many local artists.


I also have some exciting news… I have been cast in an upcoming national commercial! Also, some projects that I was part of last year should be released soon! Stay tuned for this and more.

Lets make this year the best yet!


Wish Me Luck!

I just entered to be the Thailand Smiles Ambassador through Dream Jobbing! Feel free to vote for me and leave comments as I’d love your feedback!

Check it out here:!


I’ve also submitted to “Be the Face” of First Choice Haircutters! I’ll keep you posted if I make it to the next round! Fingers crossed.

It’s been a busy few weeks of classes and auditions! I am so grateful. Every audition is a new chance to perform, work on my craft and increase my skills!




Sunset to Sunrise


In its 10th year in Toronto, Nuit Blanche is a night of contemporary art presented by Scotiabank. Over 110 projects were on display across the city for people to experience for free. If you were willing to brave the cold, rain and extremely long line ups (no matter what time of night), it was a time of reflection and appreciation. Though not all exhibits are for everyone, and some were tough to find, each project was made with immense effort and love for the art from artists worldwide.





Dominican Destination

Fellow Artists,

I just spent a fabulous week in the gorgeous and breathtaking Punta Cana. Sadly, I can already see my tan slowly fade away in our already fast approaching cold weather. I would like to take a moment to highlight all the many beautiful pieces of artifacts, architecture, paintings and crafts that I saw. Each and every piece I saw was so vibrant and inspiring in its own way. I also had the chance to watch some fabulous shows with local music and talent. Photos below, courtesy of KVDV Photography:







Awards, Travel, Birthday, Buskers and Will Smith.

The summer is slowly winding down, and rehearsals for Robin Hood are right around the corner. Before they begin I am fortunate to be working on the 2015 Canadian Country Music Association Awards Show. Be sure to tune in on Sunday September 13th or purchase tickets and come to Halifax!


Despite a busy agenda I have still been able to schedule in some auditions recently. They were all a great experience with opportunities to audition for casting directors whom I haven’t met before. They were a great test to my improv skills, an experience in learning to knit at the last minute, an opportunity to stretch my vocal cords, and a chance to bring out my inner rapper.

This past weekend I also had a mini vacation and celebrated my Birthday in Pittsburgh (see photos below of some of my adventures while there).

CofL CofL2 GoatBlackandWhite

While in Pittsburgh I got to see a lovely musical ‘The Light in the Piazza’, put on by Front Porch Theatricals. The whole cast and crew did a wonderful job, and it was such a beautiful experience. I love having the chance to see other productions when I’m not busy with my own! Check them out here: I also saw some amazing artists at the Toronto Buskerfest this weekend. The day was filled with magicians, jugglers, circus acts, painters, mines, comedians, and so much more. It was so inspiring to see fellow artists from all over the world following and achieving their dreams. A great reminder that art is everywhere and dreams can come true.



As I am now another year older, I am going to view it as another year closer to obtaining my goals. Who knows what this next year will hold, and what possibilities are behind every corner, either way I am enjoying the journey! And now to leave you with some words of wisdom from Will Smith: “I think that there’s a certain delusional quality that all successful people have to have, you have to believe that something different than what has happened for the past 50 million years can happen…Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity…What’s the point of being realistic?…It’s unrealistic to walk into a room, flip a switch and have light come on, but fortunately Edison didn’t think so”.

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