Nymph Errant

I just spent last week back in the theatre, and it felt great! Though I wasn’t on stage this time, but happily helping out backstage with hair, makeup, etc. Regardless it was fun to be working with such a great cast and crew in a Dutch theatre. The show was ‘Nymph Errant’. It’s the light-hearted story of Evangeline Edwards, who graduates from a finishing school in 1933. She and her classmates are encouraged by their teacher, Miss Pratt, to “experiment”, in the broadest sense possible. What follows is a romp through Europe with plenty of opportunities for snappy Cole Porter musical numbers, interesting dialogue, lots of accents, wonderful costumes, a few dance steps, exotic locations and a good time for all.


Now that it’s all wrapped up, I’m prepping for my next Dutch audition, so fingers crossed and stay tuned!



With Jenny’s lights now dark, I am already underway with my next show ‘Pinocchio’ at Theatre Burlington. In fact we are now heading into tech week. If you are looking for tickets, since shows are already selling out, go to http://www.theatreburlington.on.ca/.

This weekend the cast and crew was invited to participate in the Dance & Theatre Collective at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre. Not only was it great exposure for Theatre Burlington, but a wonderful night to celebrate the arts and our passion for it. Check out the photos below!

This has also been a busy few weeks filled with auditions and call-backs, so hopefully I will have some more good news to share with you soon! See you at ‘Pinocchio’!





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