Hamilton Fringe Festival

Are you looking for something to do this summer? Then you should come check out some great plays at The Hamilton Fringe Festival, running July 17th-27th!

One of the plays you should check out while you are there, is one that I am preforming in, called ‘On The Rocks’! Here is some information about the play:

“Four supervillains walk into a bar…

The Terrible Tetrad, a once fearsome team of supervillains, officially disbanded, reunites at the usual bar at the request of their nominal leader, Doctor Hornet. The good Doctor has some plans for a special job to share. Little do the rest know that this is one job Doctor Hornet must perform alone, one that will change his life forever…”

Go to http://hamiltonfringe.ca/shows/on-the-rocks/ for more information. Hope to see you there this July!


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