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And that’s a wrap on my first play in Amsterdam! Thank you to the amazing cast and crew for making this an unforgettable experience. The thing that was reiterated to me once again about theatre is that no matter what country you are in, theatre translates the same everywhere. It is months of rehearsals, becoming a close knit family, the usual preshow nerves and producing a magical experience for both the actors and audience alike.

Photo credit to Arjen Veldt Photography.

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The show was continuously sold out with wait lists filling up each night. Be sure to stay in the loop for what In Players will be showing next at… And if you are looking to learn the basics of acting yourself, come join me in Amsterdam! I will be teaching an acting workshop on November 18th! Come learn ‘How to Act’!

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Interview With Bridge The Atlantic

Happy New Year!

There will be some exciting news coming up in the next few weeks…

But first, last fall I was interviewed by the amazingly talented Marcio Novelli and Ross Barber in their Podcast ‘Bridge The Atlantic’! Check out the video here and be sure to follow them on Twitter @MarcioNovelli and @ElectricKiwi:


Here are some highlights on some of the topics we discuss…

  • Learn about my love of ketchup
  • Ross shares a (somewhat irrelevant) personal story about contact lenses
  • We talk about forgetting lines on stage and missing cues
  • Marcio and Melissa talk about learning new skills to get parts
  • “If you’ve touched something once, you can do it”
  • We talk about the importance of believing in yourself, keeping positive and dreaming big
  • “You’re never as good as they say and you’re never as bad as they say”
  • We talk about bad auditions and some of my worst experiences
  • Marcio + Ross = Moss

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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