“You Still May Hear the Ancient Melodies”

What a wonderful ride to Nottingham Castle and back. Robin Hood has now closed and I want to thank the entire cast and crew for all their hard work, tremendous talent and support. This show was such a great opportunity for me to play two contrasting characters (Prince John’s mistress Bronwen and Sister Felicity). I also took a personal challenge to really focus on my projection, clarity and speed. I want to thank the Director Chris Coculuzzi for taking a chance on me and allowing me this memorable opportunity.

Robin Hood 3

Check out this great review we received from InsideToronto.com: http://m.insidetoronto.com/news-story/6123207-amicus-productions-stages-robin-hood-at-papermill-theatre with this generous mention: “Robin Hood’s men are the comedic lights of this show, especially O’Neill as the lustful Friar, Abedi as Will and Melling as Little John. Flett’s comedic talent also shines as Prince John, as does St. Amour and Verwey as Queen Eleanor and Bronwen.”

Robin Hood 1

I have a few auditions coming up on the horizon so hopefully you will see me back on stage again soon! Please enjoy these production stills courtesy of Dave Fitzpatrick!

Robin Hood 2

Robin Hood 4


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