Bring On The New Year

Nearing the end of 2014 a lot of changes came my way. I really had no idea what 2015 would bring. Leading into the New Year someone close to me told me that they saw great things happening and that this would be the year of change for me.  It was. With new challenges and experiences, it was a year that helped shape me, introduced me to new friendships, challenged my intellect, and pushed me a bit further in my career. Sometimes the boat needs to be rocked for us to make new discoveries and changes.

I would like to thank year 2015 for being a great year. I was fortunate enough to be cast in a few theatre productions and commercials, I got to travel a  bit, and have made some hugely rewarding steps forward in my personal life. And throughout this journey, I have been so blessed to have such an amazing support group from my family and friends.

Now that 2015 is at an end, I feel like things are set in motion and are ready to take off in 2016. I have already registered for some new acting classes, have auditions lined up for a few shows, have a job that I love, and am finally pursuing some creative projects that I have been putting aside for too long. I am definitely ready for any opportunities that get thrown my way.

So, on that note, I want to raise a glass and say I’m ready for you 2016.


Here’s a video from my weekend up north shooting a target, lets hope I hit all my targets in the New Year!


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